If physical fitness!

If physical fitness isn’t a top priority of yours, there’s never been a better time to change that. Sign up for a gym membership; the huge number of hot women who you’ll see at the gym will keep you coming back again and again. You’ll get into phenomenal shape and get to hang out with stunning women.
Whether you live in a big city, a suburb or even a rural area, there should be a relatively high-end grocery store somewhere nearby. Find it and hit it up on a regular basis. Fancy grocery stores usually have coffee bars and other places where you can mingle with others – and many women zero in on grocery stores for meeting new men.
It’s nice having an easy conversation topic on hand when meeting women. Dogs are great for that, so adopt a pooch and become a regular at the local dog park. On the list of where to pick up women, this is a slam-dunk.

my first kiss was yesterday, with my boyfriend. we had pecked really quick. but then at the end of the day, i had kissed him on the cheek in front of the pick up area at our school. when i turned to go, he grabbed my hand, and said "how about a real kiss?" i go in for a closed mouth kiss, and he pushes his tongue into my mouth, and we start frenching! after about 15 seconds, we pulled away. i just said merry christmas and walked away with a huge grin. that night all my friends were instant messging me and saying things like "you and christian were going at it pretty hard at the south entrance today." i was soo embarrased. i was too into the moment to realize that half of my friends had probably been watching the entire thing! - Jessie, age 12, new york