Style man

Style man!!!!!
It is the 21st century man, and its time you changed your dating style for a much faster connected world to become a modern man. At no other time in history has so many options existed for men looking to find women to hook up with. All it really takes to make yourself a dating success is knowing how to adjust your dating swagger to get the woman attracted to you as well.

To increase your swagger you need to understand exactly what that means to a modern man. You may have heard the term swagger used to refer to a way of walking and that is true but in dating your swagger is the overall confidence and way you carry yourself. Your swagger is a combination of your style of dress the way you talk, your body language and attitude.


Give a guy a scale from one to ten to rate how important he finds a woman's appearance and he will give it a 20. For women however looks are nowhere near the top of the list. Meaning you have less to do to impress a woman than she has to do to impress you. With that said you still have want to showcase some type of style, a look that fits your personality and makes you stand out from all the rest.

Some self-help books and websites might tell you the only way to attract women is by being very neat and clean. They would be wrong! There are many types of women, and that means they are looking for all types of guys. From the supplicated guy in the business suit to the relaxed causal guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt to the grungy, unkempt hair of the rock and roll type of guy. Find a style that you like and work with it.

Body Language

Your posture and way you walk determine whether women see you as date potential. If you have a brisk paced walk with your arms folded, you come off as unapproachable. Walk to slow and you look indecisive. The best approach is a smooth relaxed walk. You can achieve this by standing up straight, keeping your shoulders down, making eye contact and hold up your head as you move.


Talking to a woman is about being able to interact and draw her attention into you and what you have to say. A truly modern man knows how to effortlessly converse with women about any topic. For men who have trouble talking with women, the best way to prepare is just being natural, when men try to force the conversation or have no knowledge about a subject it's obvious. Start a conversation about something that interests you or encourage her to talk about herself. You can then make polite responses without having the burden of carrying the conversation on your back.