Charm act one

Charm act one: the appropriate industry and thrift and hardship
We are a crowded bus to the first in line, because it embodies the biggest characteristic of traditional Chinese women, thrift and bear soft gels and stand hard work.
The appropriate industry and thrift and bitterness will make them happy and simple.
Of course, diligence and also have certain limits, absolutely not to spend buying cars, and force yourself to drink for five cents a bowl of soup.
Constantly reading

Reading is the biggest advantage, obtain knowledge and skills of the unknown, and to accept others’ experiences and lessons, improve personal qualities and rest.
Gorky said: “books are the ladder of the progress of mankind.” Single women most loyal lover should be books, put the book as the ladder of progress, you are never too old to learn, to keep your charm, different time apart.

Hard work
The most basic demand is make a living expenses, to support himself, supplement household. But now, more single women work hard to release their greatest value, in constant progress and achievements obtained in affirmation and self-improvement. Those who give up their work, into the soft gel of women into bright contrast, more show independent, maverick, create value for society, is the city streets to run in the beautiful scenery line.
As is known to all, exercise can keep the gentle curve and stay healthy, training lively personality, construction of serenity in mood. The new age have soft gel said “the sweat is beautiful you”, where we whether it’s accurate or not, after all, it may bring revenue is far greater than the lost.
In different
Cohabitation of women think cohabitation can firmly love, for marriage, is a mistake. In different women have their work, have their own pursuit, have sweet circle of friends… Just think, marriage is not a guarantee of woman, all day long doing daily routine chores of lampblack, can have more beautiful?
No bubble nets
The Internet is this century and people’s life a pile of things, some network company hasn’t hit “sisters, Internet access to” soft gel for special attract women browse their web pages. According to the survey, 75% of people online besides inquires the material is mainly used to chat outside, and lead to bubble nets failure: money loss, glory passes, miss the scenery around, walk into the illusion, and life apart.

Moderate opposed
The books say “modern man more like the Moscow does not believe the tears of the card LinNa that make strong competitive woman”. Although not born the weak woman, after all, a male soft gel gentle strength weak. So when someone knows you this is hard to do it, and if you happened to do the harder childhood, you that the beauty of youth stubborn incisively and vividly demonstrated in his eyes.
Moderate that whine
And moderate opposed instead, act in pettish to also want to be moderate, seeds, the feminine lovely. As long as the his peculiar charm in front performance a lover, he will be you collected thousands of love that JiaoTai grace the knockout, so as to achieve a psychological characteristic of satisfy.
Don’t mean himself
Some divorced woman, often complain about “I was silly to make money do not want to eat, do not want to wear, willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy clothes, he had never through one hundred clothes: on every family soft gel for the future, but not to leave his posterior……” And single woman has no obligation for family responsibility for love, should eat the food, the wear of wear. Want to know, this world no one more than you love yourself. If you wrong own good, who will to how are you?