Trip the attraction...

Trip the attraction triggers and they become interested, and you become the object of their attraction.

Don’t get me wrong, your physical appearance is a trigger, but certainly not the most powerful of the attraction triggers. If you were born with a disadvantage not to worry I am totally going to hook you up here.

If you were to ask a wom

an what they find attractive in a man, they will tell you that they like a nice guy, a gentleman.

We know that this could not be farther from the truth because we see how the “bad boys” can approach a woman and pick up a woman with little or no effort.

How to attract girls? There might be some boys who feel clueless in attracting women. These boys need help in attracting girl which is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Some boys might be overconfidence and ended up being laughed at or avoided by girls. It is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus, and the two will cross opinions quite often. Some boys will try to act like cool around the girls, or they talk way too loud to capture attention. However, that way will eventually drive the girls away from them. In the end, they are questioning themselves about the way on how to flirt with women.
So, how to attract girls without being laughed at? Well, in order to attract girls, boys do not have to do something flashy, but they do need to check on their appearance like clothes. Most of the good first impressions will start from the appearances. It is true that people shouldn’t judge by the cover, but appearance plays an important role. When approaching girls, confidence is needed but do not be overconfidence. Sometimes when boys become overconfidence, they will start to be in their own zone and will be busy bragging or talking about things girls do not like or understand.

Don’t be overconfidence or the dream on how to approach women will fade away. When thinking of how to attract girls, talking with the light conversation and being playful is better than blabbing about random things. Be composed but don’t act too superior. Girls will love the boys who are composed, making them look like reliable leaders but not acting too superior. Acting superior will make the boys look more like pretenders who try to act like cool or even look arrogant. Showing the boys’ attraction towards girls can be done in between conversation and interaction. In this point, girls usually consistent in giving signs so boys will need to pick out these signs.