Russian women

Russian women are not very different from women living elsewhere around the world when it comes to finding a great man to spend the rest of their life with. If you have want to really win over a woman from Russia it helps to show a sincere interest in her and her only, as well as a knowledge and understanding of her culture.
Women from Russia tend be more traditional than the modernized women you have likely dated from the U.S. They want to attract men who are successful, well spoken, and who will devote themselves to her completely. They want families, nice homes, and a genuinely happy life.

In exchange for these things they are willing to devote themselves just as fully to their man, their home, and their family.

So, how do you get to that point if you are just trying to get her attention online or through other dating type clubs?
First, always approach her with a warm, friendly smile and well spoken dialogue. If you can send her a picture make it one that shows how you really look today, not ten years ago or doctored to hide your flaws. Remember, most women are looking for a lot more than looks. If you appear open and sincere she will likely give you a try.
You also want to be completely honest at every step of the way, even if you think your answer to a question or opinion on an issue will turn her off. There is nothing worse then making her fall in love with you only to come out later and let her discover you were a fake.

Aim a lot of your conversations toward getting to know her. You don't want her to think that you are too into yourself or that you are trying to just find any Russian woman in general. Make sure she realizes that you are sincerely interested in getting to know who she is personally.

You have likely heard the advice "be yourself" millions of times before when it comes to dating, but it is extremely important to do this when you are dating online. Make her fall in love with who you really are so there is no complication or set back later on.
Find nice ways to let her see who you really are, how you live, and what your typical day consists of.

Finally, you must always treat her family with the utmost respect. Many Russian families are very tight and if they do not approve of you then chances are she will never fully commit.

Ultimately, you start a relationship with a Russian women much as you would start one with any other woman. It's just a little trickier when you can't pick her up two doors down and take her on a date. Come up with creative ways to let her know you are truly interested in her.
Ask a lot about her family, just as you might ask how she is doing. Make them a consideration in every plan you make because she is likely doing the same thing. Let her know that you accept them in her life.