How to attract men ....

Consider the next tips on how to attract men and the only thing he would be afraid of is not to fall in love to fast.
Trying to make someone fall in love with you is hard but catching his attention first is even harder because before you can device a plan to make him fall for you, you have to see to it that you have his attention first. It can be a very overwhelming situation when you would want to appear with great personality but at the same time not aggressive and appear interested yet would want to ensure that he is attracted to you too. It is simply too much to bear, isn't it? If by circumstance you met a man who touched even a single string in your heart, you would want to practically do anything to get him to notice you and perhaps possibly cultivate the same feelings for you. It is not everyday that someone like him would come your way and so you will feel sometimes helpless just trying to catch his attention. Well, here are some tips you may want to consider to get him to notice your existence.
1. Ignore him after 5 minutes
You’ve just met a gorgeous guy. Many women would overwhelm him with attention. This fact would only make him feel under pressure and forced into a relationship. A smart move is not to let yourself easily impressed. By not granting him excessive attention, you will make him feel safe and not under pressure, but also that you are somehow out of his reach. Men are wired for competition, so this move would bring you right into his arms.
2. Feel good with yourself
It doesn’t matter how s you are dressed. If you don’t feel well in your skin and enjoy being yourself, a man would also feel your lack of confidence and could be driven away. But if you show confidence and feel sensual, he will know that you are in that way both in society and in the intimacy of the bedroom. If you are a woman with no issues of self-confidence but you tend to lose yourself in the company of the men you like, try to focus on little details around you. This act will help you relax.
3. Show your funny face
You must already know by now that men are crazy about funny and happy women with a good sense of humor, and tend to avoid those who are always tensed and closed. Mostly they fear a relationship because of the endless fights that would appear in short time. A funny woman will attract men by giving them a plus in confidence in this issue. More to that, by being happy and relaxed, you can show him that you can overcome uncomfortable situations with your sense of humor and offer them a way into a relaxed relationship that would have a good ground of communication and not stress.
4.Talk about what you really like
The first 5 minutes you spend with a man are enough to introduce some aspects about yourself, about what you really like. You watched a movie that you liked, a show, a concert, a book, and so on. There are little essential elements that would make an image into his mind of what you like, but also atone his own fears. What fears? Fear of boredom mainly, which exist at the beginning of any relationship, as the partners don’t know each other very well in order to sense how the future might be. They seek adventure and fun, so if you want to attract men, show them that you can combine these things and that you can enjoy yourself with interesting activities.

Finally, don’t forget that if you want to be irresistible, you should be also happy with yourself and find your inner balance. Do you know any other tips in how to attract men?