If it’s not broken …

Today, PE is often treated with drugs that interfere with the brain’s serotonin metabolism; drugs that were originally intended for treatment of mood disorders.

One of these compounds, dapoxetine, has actually been developed especially to treat PE and is available today in several countries in Europe, with many other countries (including Australia) expected to follow suit in the near future.

What we may have done is to slap a “dysfunction” tag on what is likely a perfectly normal variation in the function of a neurobiological mechanism – variation that may actually have been genuinely advantageous in not too distant history!

While it should obviously be perceived as a good thing that there’s an available pharmaceutical treatment alternative, that, for the record, has been well received by many men, many others also report unpleasant side effects (nausea, dizziness and reduced s desire being the most common), whereas these drugs appear completely ineffective for others still.

The following modalities of treatment are generally employed.

1.Treatment -This consists of the administration of certain drugs to improve seminal quality.

2. Surgeries Obstructions in the sperm conduction pathway, varicoceles, undescended testes etc. can be treated by operation.

Modern microsurgical techniques are of great help. Even patients who have undergone a vasectomy in the past can have their vasectomy reversed and the tubes recanalised successfully using microsurgery.
3. Assisted Reproduction (IVF)

Despite the availability of so many treatment modalities, some patients remain incurable and no treatment, cheap or expensive, can improve their fertility prospects. One then has no alternative but to recommend an AID (donor insemination) or adoption.

Awareness of the magnitude and importance of the male factor in infertility is relatively recent. Tremendous advances have been made in () research over the past few years. If not today, one can envisage in the conceivable future, a situation where all males (and females) with infertility can be completely cured.