~The Ojibwa Story~ Beautiful wedding..

~The Ojibwa Story~ Beautiful wedding.. Many couples come to Red Rock Crossing Park in Sedona to get married under the magnificence of Cathedral Rock. Of cause, if you look at the middle of the rock there are two fingers sticking up, which looks like a couple standing back to back. To their left is a tall rock that looks as if a head is on top representing the person overseeing the ceremony. The tall rocks on each side represent the rocks in our life - family, friends, spirituality, etc. ..
I shared this sacred setting on a vortex tour with a couple who were of Ojibwa Indian origin. They told me that the Ojibwa get married back to back. Each person has in front of them a portion of the circle which is their energy and beliefs. If you were to stand face to face you could not see behind the other person nor could they see behind you. As you stand back to back and trust the other person's view on life you then form a complete circle from which you both can see the entire picture of life. Of cause, they went on to say that we attract people into our lives that have a piece of the puzzle we don't yet understand. Only if we can trust them enough to allow their learning into our life then we will be one step closer to wholeness. This story shows the importance of honoring the masculine/feminine duality within you as a key component of healthy living. Once you can integrate this, relationships become less about a power struggle for energy than they do a loving, mutual sharing of each other. How was it for you!? Tell us below.