My first kiss was,.....

My first kiss was with this boy that i had liked for about 1 year, at lunch we would always hangout and flirt and we would lock eyes ocassionally we had hung out a couple of times outside of school it was christmaas time and we went ice skating together with a couple of our other friends.
We were holding hands the whole time so when we got done we looked at eachother and smiled he kissed me on the lips and it was both of our first kiss it was amazing and now Andrew and i are dating and have been for about 3 years - anonymous, 14
My first kiss happend in 7th, about the middle of the year. I was at my friends ashtyn's house and ive been seeing this guy for about a day. She invited him and her boyfriend over. The whole time we were cuddling and smiling at each other. Ashtyn's boyfriend kept on insisting that i kiss him and pressuring me, but thats not how i roll. It was gettting to the end of the night and my dad was outside waiting for me. Right when i was about to say goodbye, we hugged. Then he was still hanging on to me, THEN BAMMM. he did it. It wasnt necessarily the best experience, since we were only going out for a day. - Laquita, 14 yrs