What happens if you manage to invite a girl to you're place during freshers?

What happens if you manage to invite a girl to you're place during freshers? This needs saying on lots of threads, but it depends upon the girl. If you stop seeing all females as a homogenous mass, thinking, feeling and acting with no more independence of will than a group of Stepford Wives, then that will be a start.
Some girls will want s-e-x, yes - you should be able to tell by body language (if her hands are all over you and pressing down near your intimate places, you can be pretty sure that is on her mind) - some others may be more nervous but perhaps want s-e-x, some others will want to take it more easy at first. Some will have had lots of se-x with different partners before coming to university, others will be virgins. But if you just want cuddles at first, don't take her back to your room - go for a walk together, or something like that. Don't believe anyone who tells you either that all girls are desperate for it, or that all girls want flowers, candlelit dinner, cuddles and romance before they'll have s-e-x. If she doesn't want that, and is pushing to go back to your place or hers, then either go for it and have se-x (or other se-xu-al activity), or otherwise it's time for you to find another girl.
If you invite a girl back to yours, unfortunately due to society these days, she's going to assume generally that it's for s-ex, so it's probably best to make your intentions clear beforehand. Even when a guy invited me back to his for a beer I didn't assume that was all he wanted. However one of my mates has had a guy back to his and nothing more than the odd cuddle has happened, but then she did know him beforehand rather than just meeting him on the night out.