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We had a group of sixty people coming for the wedding from Ireland, England and Australia, out of this we had 4 children under 12 and 3 babies under 2 years. Everyone was staying for the week so we opted to stay in the beach resort of Kamari. This beachfront location was more suitable for families and larger groups with plenty of good hotels, restaurants, shops and bars to choose from. This area offers very reasonable prices for accommodation, food & drink .
The night before the wedding we had an area reserved in The Love Boat bar in Kamari for the group, we had a fantastic night/early morning of drinks dancing & singing ! We also loved The Hook bar which was one of our favourite spots. And if the ceremony didn’t bring a tear to your eye then the reception certainly will, not to mention give you all a whole heap of inspirational ideas to steal. Rachel has vast experience as a wedding photographer, specialising in natural, contemporary, relaxed shots. Also, lifestyle images working in an unobtrusive manner, as well as portraits and event photography.
LET'S face it. You’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress your whole life. You drew it on the back of cereal boxes; you etched it into the margin of your maths homework; and you slowed to a shuffle as you passed the bridal shop on the high street. You only get one wedding day. These photographs will stand on your mum’s mantelpiece until the end of time. No pressure now, but this dress is kind of a big deal.
Lanvin have shown an inclination towards elaborate bow-backed dresses. You know, the type that used to fasten your party frocks. They’re theatrical, girly, and a lot of fun. What’s more, when you’re standing at the altar, with your back to your guests, it’s important to give them something pretty to look at too. This is your big day, so search the boutiques until you find a gown which is going to make you feel as special as you look.