A great way to pick up women

A great way to pick up women In present men seem less shy than they used to be a couple of years ago, or at least this is what I heard about men in the past because about the ones in present I have my own opinion. Anyway, although they don’t seem shy at all, they don’t like to start conversations with women all the time, although usually it is obvious that they like them. I was curious to find out the reason why they don’t approach woman as often as we all expected them to do, so I asked a couple of men, randomly chosen. I applauded the men who were fans of the funny pickup lines because I agreed with them and I also thought it was a great way to pick up women but I couldn’t help myself not to laugh at the other ones. Not only that, but I also advised them to change their method as soon as possible.
The last question was about the best way they had to pick up women. It was funny listening to their answers because all of them were different. Some said that they have been using funny pickup lines and they believed the method was better than anything else because they became less afraid of starting a conversation and some of them started talking about being honest and feelings. After this research, I found out that none of them was aware of the existence of any great way to pick up women and all of them had a small fear of rejections.
In conclusion, my research thought me that many men need help from women when it comes to women because they have no idea how to engage into a conversation with them, how to pick them up, how to make them laugh, except the ones who have already discovered that making them laugh from the first moment is a great way of picking up women. These men approach women by saying jokes, funny pickup lines or by acting goofy, in order to attract everybody’s attention.
All of these actions work because women love funny men, who are able to make their days happier by making them laugh. So, as an advice for everybody, find a way to make women laugh because this would really be a great way to pick them up. Рlease write comment on my blog!